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Re: New tank algae

Subject: Re: New tank algae
by DaveGodfrey on 9/10/2012 18:24:19


SO19Firearms wrote:

DaveGodfrey wrote:
Too much of any one in proportion to the others will allow algae to grow at the expense of your plants.

No. Too much light in relation to the others. But you can't have too much fert or CO2...not from an algae stand point in a planted tank.
The light always needs to be less than CO2 or Ferts - Liebig's Law.


I was thinking of Liebig's Barrel (clearly wrongly) when I wrote that. That and eutrophication from various sources (farms, sewage works, etc). Which involves levels of fertilisers (particularly nitrates) rather higher than you'd be comfortable with in an aquarium.