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Re: Co2 and lighting

Subject: Re: Co2 and lighting
by worwood on 31/8/2012 12:14:54

It really depends on the rate you're pupping co2 into the water.

The 'plant growing theory' is that you keep the CO2 running during the siesta to allow CO2 levels to replenish so the plants have an optimal starting point once the lights come back on again. In this plant-bias method the co2 also comes on an hour before lights come on for the same reason. However this is aimed at optimal plant growth and may not be overly great for fish.

I ran a hi-tech planted tank for over a year with high co2 levels and kept the co2 on during the siesta; the plants grew great and i didn't notice anything wrong with the fish. However since moving i've not been able to set up the co2 and i now realise my fish are feeling a lot better for it - i just didn't realise how lethargic they were with the high co2 levels.

i think i'll be turning my co2 down and reducing the lighting but keeping it on over the siesta once i have it set up again.