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Re: Total sudden crypt melt!

Subject: Re: Total sudden crypt melt!
by EagleC on 23/11/2010 20:30:59

That's quite a dramatic drop to happen over a week. I wouldn't expect it to do any harm to the fish or shrimp in the short term but you shouldn't let it continue. If the KH drops much lower the PH could suddenly crash and that is bad.

Double check the test results and also check your tap water so you know where you stand. It's possible with the heavy rain recently that your tap water is different to how it has been in which case you might need to add some minerals when you do a water change.

Assuming the tap water has not drastically softened regular water changes should sort the problem out and stop it re-occurring.

As to the last question, no crypts aren't the aquarium canary, just a pain in the backside from time to time