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Re: drop checker confusion

Subject: Re: drop checker confusion
by EagleC on 15/6/2010 9:11:52

How are you adding CO2?

It's been my experience that drop checkers only work if you use a 4dKH solution. In many areas the tap or tank water is suitable but in others you get a continued false reading.

Essentially it's a PH test not really a CO2 test - the theory being that the CO2 creates carbonic acid.

To see what's really going on take a clean glass and fill it from the tank then place it in a well ventilated room for 24 hours. The next day test the PH in the tank and in the glass of tank water you took the day before. If possible check first thing in the morning, at mid day and at night.

You should see the tank's PH change but the glass water PH remains stable. More importantly you will see the differences between the PH of the water that is in the tank and water that has no CO2 added. If this is greater than 1 or if the ph in the glass of water varies then there is a problem - let us know what you find.