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Re: Is my lighting sufficient

Subject: Re: Is my lighting sufficient
by EagleC on 14/6/2010 10:20:07

90W of T8 lighting over a 77gallon tank? I dont think that would be enough for Bacopa. It would grow long and stringy and the leaves on the lower part of the stem would be small or fall off. You could keep cutting the top off and replanting for a while but it would be high maintenance and eventually the plant would die. If you don't mind this routine and replacing the plant every 3-6months then it would be fine. Bacopa generally likes intense lighting so maybe double or triple what you currently have.

Reflectors effectiveness varies greatly depending on the tank design and that of the reflector. A closed lid tank with a white or silver interior often doesn't benefit from reflectors much at all but if you have an open top or black lined lid you'll get nearly double the light by installing them.