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Re: new planted tank

Subject: Re: new planted tank
by furiousferret on 22/1/2008 20:22:25

ok dokey, the light in it came with the tank, but it looks pretty dull, so i need to replace it anyway.

i will check the wattage of the starter when i turn the tank lights off later, i had no idea the starters had wattages!

the unit is integrated into the hood, so can i put a bigger wattage starter in if the original is too 'small'?

as for the plants it is 1x (small) tropical collection and 1x (small) bargain surplus, so it will be a surprise. oh and a java fern growing on a 'terracotta stick'.

im sure the substrate tub said tetra on it but i could be wrong. it was yellow, i know that much.