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Re: What is the Most Humane Way to Euthanize a Fish?

Subject: Re: What is the Most Humane Way to Euthanize a Fish?
by finnipper on 6/10/2013 17:48:15

Sorry Cathie, and thank you for that link.

I have had need to euthanise fish in the past as a last resort and to prevent unnecessary suffering. Sooner or later that situation will face all fish keepers.

I made a video using the phenoxyethonol2 sedation method


The fish in the video was actually just sedated in order to treat a facial ulcer but the video demonstrates the effectiveness of the method and if used at an higher dose and the fish left in there then death is guaranteed and in my view relatively stress free. (The fish in the clip went on to make a full recovery and is alive and well today.

Which ever method is used I would urge people not to hang on for to long waiting for a miracle recovery which is never going to happen, it is important that pain and suffering are stopped as quickly as possible.