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Re: Job interview at LFS

Subject: Re: Job interview at LFS
by furiousferret on 22/1/2008 22:07:54

i wonder if someone should phone the like of watchdog on the telly and see if they would investigate the poor conditions/lack of knowledge etc, and maybe even scandalise the superstores or embarrase them even into changing their ways.

i think (and ive said it before) that one of the major issues is that the sspca and the rspca are unable (unwilling?) to do anthing because aquatic life is not covered by the current animal laws. imagine the outrage if syrian hamsters were left in filthy cages and left to fight each other to death because the staff cant be bothered to separate them when they mature.

of course public opinion doesnt help - its only a fish etc which very often causes me much anger, but how do we begin to alter that?

my lfs is a very good one, im lucky enough to have 2 actually local to me - the indepenent one and dobbies which i rate very highly. ive been in 3 stores in scotland over a decent geographical area and they are first rate in my opinion. and as far as i know the staff in the fish keeping dept are dedecated and know their stuff. i witnessed the one in ayr training a new start who didnt know a thing and a few months later knew a lot more.
however i also have 3 branches of Acorn pet stores local to me and they are frankly terrible. the fish are almost always dead and the tanks are disgusting.

my local dobbies on the other hand refused to sell me cichlids until i could prove my ph was adequate. and they remember what your stock is.