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Re: Water changes

Subject: Re: Water changes
by Deuce on 2/8/2007 21:40:37

On our service visits we use 25l water containers for water changes, providing you can lift them under control it makes it quite easy to tip the water in without spilliage, takes about 20 secs to pour in 25l smoothly so you do need to be able to hold it for that long lol. On some of our bigger tanks we change about 300 litres a week and we tried using a pump system but in the end it was just easier to build up a sweat and arm muscles by lugging it by hand lol.

Dont use a bucket, use a camping tub or similar with a screwtop.

take a look at this one below, we change 200 litres a fortnight and I have to carry it all up a ladder! the tank is 8ft above floor level..

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