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Re: Very high Nitrite (2-5ppm) and Nitrate (Above 80-160ppm), 0.5 Ammonia - Fish in the tank

Subject: Re: Very high Nitrite (2-5ppm) and Nitrate (Above 80-160ppm), 0.5 Ammonia - Fish in the tank
by Lil2606 on 12/2/2021 19:37:50

Update on this.

Rosy-s are safely in the big tank, water quality is excellent all the way. They eat, they swim, but they are still a bit skittish, no where near the same behaviour as before. I think group size will help with that. Which is what I'm working on.

Little tank's been left to cycle but I moved the mature sponge (I used to colonise the big tank) back into it last week, and water quality was perfect this morning, so I bought some new fishy in lunch time, and they are now in this tank quarantining.

The 2 Rosys in the big tank were treated with a triple combo of Esha meds. 2000, Exit, and Gdex. They seem well, except......... The boy has ragged fins, which looks like fin-rot to me, which is strange that he is getting it DURING / AFTER he had treatment against it, so I'm thinking its stress induced. The girl still has the 5 spots, they did not go away no matter what, but they are also not spreading. Says me but actually I do see 1 spot on the boy as well now. 1! for days. Not growing, not spreading. Further research points to Epistylis, which is an organism that feeds and lives on bacteria and just opportunistically live on the fish. Problem is that it makes them more prone to bacterial infections, on which bacteria (spreading on the fish) the epistylis 'feeds on' so research says, salt baths or antibacterial food. Looking into the second option, and in the mean time they are getting a bit of additional Esha 2000, they are looking well, and eating well, in fact I'm quite sure my boy has grown a lot. So I am not awfully concerned (yet) just aware of the issue and looking into resolving it.