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Re: Very high Nitrite (2-5ppm) and Nitrate (Above 80-160ppm), 0.5 Ammonia - Fish in the tank

Subject: Re: Very high Nitrite (2-5ppm) and Nitrate (Above 80-160ppm), 0.5 Ammonia - Fish in the tank
by Lil2606 on 1/2/2021 11:32:43

Big Tank - that's good news, I will do some water changes to reduce nitrates which will reduce nitrites and ammonia further, and keep monitoring for a few more days. I added the Fish food in, last Wednesday, and then some more on Saturday and now this morning... so I'd hope that by now at least the food from Wednesday decayed enough to produce ammonia...
I only have the 2 sickly fish so I could move them back in, and start them on the new meds in the big tank see if their condition improves and if it does then use the little tank to get some new fish and quarantine them.
The poorly fish in the little tank are in cold water (room temp, no heater) at the minute, they are temperate fish, the heater is in my big tank, so that could have slowed the ich down, but yeah I am concerned that this medication is not good enough to help them. Especially now with the stringy poo, and I noticed some holes in the fins of the girl. No spots just holes, so I think I need to up the game here.

So plan is...
Little tank:
Later today, big water change, and add the carbon back in the filter.
Leave til Thursday.
Thursday morning, move the heater into this tank, and let it slowly come up to temp, not shocking the fish. Once the temps match, leave them for a couple of hours, then move them to the big tank.

Big tank:
Today, remove carbon filters, do a small (20%) water change (I want to leave the decaying fish food until I put the fish back in),
Tomorrow: check water quality, do a small (20%) water change,
same on Wednesday morning, Wednesday evening, do a water change, remove the water that gravel hoovering removes, get rid of the decaying fish food as well.
Thursday, move the fish back in, and in the evening start them on the Esha meds.

I can do a heat rejection test today, if I just turn off my heater in the big tank now, and check how quickly the temp drops away, then come Thursday I can do better in matching temps between 2 tanks with the 1 heater I have.