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Re: Very high Nitrite (2-5ppm) and Nitrate (Above 80-160ppm), 0.5 Ammonia - Fish in the tank

Subject: Re: Very high Nitrite (2-5ppm) and Nitrate (Above 80-160ppm), 0.5 Ammonia - Fish in the tank
by Lil2606 on 1/2/2021 10:16:45

Okay, so Big Tank had taken a big step forward this week in water quality, Ammonia down to 0.25ppm and nitrites down to 0.5ppm, I have seen the warning with the API test kit that the nitrites could be much higher and the test is confused, so I made a 50% diluted sample and I do get the 0.25ppm with the diluted one, and I also don't see the drops turning purple then back to blue, so all seems in order.
I have put LOADS of fish food in the tank, way more than 2 or even 5 fish would need, added a little verbal confirmation: 'Oops' to accurately simulate the shaky hand / child trusted with the fish food container scenario.
I think I successfully colonised my filter from the older sponge that was from my previous tank, they just needed to grow in their numbers and I have now removed the old sponge, and the values hold, so I am pleased with that progress, but I am suspicious because it was literally 1 week.. Any thoughts on that?

White Spot is not clearing. This is what the box says:
"White Spot (Ich) Life Cycle:
1: Immature "tomites" grow into adult "trophonts" under the fish's skin, The fish then produces mucus to heal the wound, and the white spots appear.
2: The tophonts leave the fish and form a free living cyst within the aquarium. Inside each cyst the tophont devides into 100s of tomites.
3: The cyst bursts open releasing tomites into the aquarium which swim freely through the water
4: Tomites find other fish to host them and burrow into their skin, the cycle starts over again.

White spot is only vulnerable to treatment in its free-swimming tomite stage, so treatment will need to be carried out for 14 days to cover the entire lifecycle."

So I am 1 week into the treatment (where I need to add 1ml / 9l every 48 hrs), I see no improvement. Time to change meds? Also how does Esha Exit make it go away in 3 days if the lifecycle of the parasite is 14 days.... Or do you add the Esha stuff for 3 days and then just leave the fish in that water for 14 days?


Update on that.... I also see a white stringy poo situation now... what meds do I change to? Will the Esha 2000 help with that?