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Re: Swimbladder issue or something else?

Subject: Re: Swimbladder issue or something else?
by Shubunkin72 on 2019/1/7 22:06:39

Well...I tried not feeding for a few days, and tried peas again. Little Button is still lying on the bottom flopped over on his side. He does swim every so often, but has to wiggle about to swim...and it seems to make him tired very quickly.
I've tried some swimbladder treatment, which has made no difference so far.
I now have two others lying on their side, little Seven likes to sit on the heater, wedged between that and the side of the tank. The other little one sits flopped over on the top of the filter. The bigger one, Fry, is fine and swims around all day and is clearly growing...the others haven't shown any significant growth for the past four weeks.
I'm really worried about them :(
Any ideas would be welcome, thanks.