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Bamboo shrimp - NEED HELP

Subject: Bamboo shrimp - NEED HELP
by connorknight96 on 29/10/2018 22:52:20

Hello Fishkeepers,

I have recently added 3 bamboo shrimp to a recently established tropical aquarium, the aquarium has completed its cycle and all water parameters are appropriate (parameters posted below). They were fairly active in the first day. However, the next couple of days until now, they have collected at the top of the heater and have not moved since. If anyone could offer some advice that would be great as i would have for them to perish.

Kind regards,


Tank details:
- 80L
- 60cm x 30cm x 45cm
- Contains 4 different live plants, 4 moss balls, plenty of driftwood, decorations for hiding, etc.
- contains a heater, stoned oxygenator and stingray 15 filter

Water parameters:
- NO3 = safe
- NO2 = safe
- GH = 8od
- pH = 8
-Cl2 = 0

Fish species in aquarium:
- 1 Corydora catfish (~5 years old)
- 1 Other nocturnal catfish species (Not identified but harmless)
- 4 Green barbs
- 2 Guppies
- 4 Mollys