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bloated fish, please help

Subject: bloated fish, please help
by EmmaG on 11/4/2016 19:16:33

Hi everyone,

I've got an issue with my tank. Details as follows;

80l capacity, amm 0 nitrite 0 Nitrate 20/30 (am dealing with this now) pH 7.6, kh 220 gh 90

The above is slightly lower in hardness and nitrates than current tap, but thats not unusual as tap fluctuates regularly.

Tank is heavily planted with crypts, planting substrate beneath gravel cap. I don't vac deeply into the substrate because of the nature of the planting and its not advised from what i understand with setups like this.

A few weeks ago.....six or eight maybe, I introduced two new guppies to the existing population of three endler x and one guppy. For some reason one of the guppies was picked on relentlessly so i moved him to my other tank where he's been fine, and the other one has been happy as larry until last weekend.

i noticed the sudden development of finrot and on closer inspection he was looking thinner and his body when viewed from above was crooked. I isolated him in a hospital tank, treated him with Esha 2000 and he seemed to pick up, was eating, etc for a couple of days, but by day three was laying on his side within a matter of hours so i decided to euthanise him.

Yesterday i noticed one of the endlers was quite bloated so I fed them peas, now all three endlers are looking very bloated, no pineconing, all acting and eating normally, good colour and active.

Now I failed to test the tap water before the last change and when i tested the tank nitrates they were high, even though its only a week sicne the last water change, and i tested the tap water and its even higher. I've double dosed prime and put in jbl nitratex to try and bring the nitrates down.

could the nitrate level have weakened the fish this week and caused the bloat?

I'm intending to treat the whole tanke with esha 2000 once the resin is out and the nitrate down (i cant water change as the tap water is so high in nitrate) which should be within 12 hours - is there anything else i can do? Are epsom salt baths worth doing if i can catch the little swines?

ANy help you can offer will be much appreciated