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Re: Sudden nitrite spike, please help urgently!

Subject: Re: Sudden nitrite spike, please help urgently!
by finnipper on 7/10/2013 23:51:04

I don't question it has an effect, BUT does it remove 0.001 mg/l or does it remove 0.5mg/l and how much do you add?

For example if I had a 450 litre tank with 0.5 mg/l of nitrite because I didn't know about cycling just how much prime should I add to the tank to make it safe?

Indeed does anyone know for certain that this level could be made safe using prime?

This is my issue with this quite frankly poor advice - no one knows anything for sure. The fact that the makers are very reluctant to offer any dosage guidelines also is a concern because if they have done their own tests it would be a case of simple maths to formulate a dosage.

Does the nitrite reading remain the same for the "detoxified nitrite" after treating with Prime, when testing with an aquarium test kit?