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Help! Moor with fin fungus/ich?

Subject: Help! Moor with fin fungus/ich?
by Jessierr on 11/5/2013 21:52:19

I've got a black moor with a weird fungus or ich but I'm not sure what it is. Please help?

The thing is on its dorsal fin on one side and there's a kind of little split on the other side of the fin. The thing looks like a line within a furry circle. It also has some tiny white spots on its body and dorsal fin.

I had guppies in this tank but they died whilst we were away over Easter due to a heating problem so we cleaned the tank and washed all the stones in our sink and did a partial water change.

Four days ago we bought one moor, two fantails. They are all about two inches long in a 12 gallon tank. With a couple of plastic plants that I had washed. My filter is a SmallWorld sponge&carbon filter on a motor.