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Re: It

Subject: Re: It
by james15 on 11/9/2020 22:52:19

Hey there fmcf! I do remember you from when I was active before!

Yeah it's definitely been a crazy few years! Both the good and the bad. My health crisis is still something of a mystery but I'm feeling a lot better now, and despite the fact that it happened more than once they think it may simply have been an infection. Pretty much every other possibilty has been ruled out.

Trying to keep plants alive has certainly been an experience but they seem to be getting there, even without CO2. In particular I've got a nice echinodorus which was looking quite withered at one point but it's now reliably producing new leaves on a regular basis.

Not sure how I managed to set the thread title as "It". Presumably my brain wasn't fully functioning that day. I just turned 30, which is apparently when age starts to catch up with you!!

Sorry to hear about your health problems bringing an end to your career :(