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Subject: It
by james15 on 19/8/2020 18:31:20

So I think it's been at least three years maybe longer since I was active here. But the subject of forums came up when I was talking with some friends from a gaming forum where I'm quite active, and we talked about other sites we've been on and I thought of FK. So I figured I'd stop by and see how everyone's doing! I've seen a few familiar faces around here even after all this time.

Last few years for me have been a heck of a journey. A lot has changed, and a lot of ups and downs. In 2017 I lost my dad to cancer quite suddenly. While we knew his health wasn't good, it did come as something of a shock. But we've pulled through and come out of the other side.

Last year I finally took the plunge to leave my job of 10 years, which I'd been hating more and more on a daily basis. I'm now theoretically at college training to become an electrician. I say theoretically because firstly I'm in between years at the moment, and secondly...COVID-19. Since the end of March I've spent a day and a half in total at college! But I'm due to return properly next month. It hasn't been an easy year, things certainly haven't gone according to plan, but hopefully getting back on track at last. I have at least managed to keep busy throughout lockdown. On top of all that I've had some health problems of my own to deal with, which are still a bit of a mystery for the time being and I'm awaiting further hospital investigation to find out exactly what's going on.

On a positive note, over the last couple of years I've seen a lot more of my extended family who I barely knew before.

And of course I still have my fish! The tank is doing well, and also I've made the switch to live plants. They're not exactly amazing but they're not terrible either now I've managed to improve the balance of nutrients. CO2 injection would be ideal but I can't find an easy and cost effective way to do it on a tank that size. I did have a huge algae problem in the early stages, but that has improved now by experimenting with the dosage of fertiliser and liquid CO2, plus a little help from a team of hungry nerite snails! Had some issues with lighting too, specifically some very expensive LED aquarium lights which turned out to be about as waterproof as a sieve. Got a full refund on those and now I'm using T5. Overall the live plants are much nicer than the plastic ones which end up faded and dirty.