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Re: The long run

Subject: Re: The long run
by Fishadmin on 2/8/2019 9:05:54

Facebook groups are good for some things. I'm a member of a 3D Printer group which is really popular. However, you see the same questions being asked over and over because the format doesn't encourage research or looking for an answer.. it's just ask question, get answer, go. I wonder how long people are willing to keep that up.

It's the same with the groups on Telegram etc. People jump in, get an answer and go again. It's fine.. most people want a quick solution and don't really want to think too much but it doesn't really lead to anything at the end of the day. With forums the knowledge is stored and mostly easy to find and it's possible to learn from. When the PFK forums disappeared there must have been so much knowledge that disappeared with them.