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Re: Next week's Watchdog BBC 1

Subject: Re: Next week's Watchdog BBC 1
by Fizz on 21/9/2012 14:09:37

Have finally had a chance to watch it and I cringed at Watchdog's style of sensationalism and poor reporting. A few example case studies of where things have not gone well do not mean that Pets at Home are totally evil.

BUT - highlighting a problem in a few stores at least will prompt Pets at Home and hopefully other retailers to improve their fish and other animal welfare to ensure that their reputation improves and also so that they can keep on making a profit.

Although I don't agree with the way Watchdog went about things, I do hope it shakes things up for the better and prompts some positive changes to the way they do things.

Interestingly, PFK online were asking for people's opinions on the Watchdog piece but then they had to take all the comments down for legal reasons.

http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk ... Watchdog&utm_content=html