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Re: My First Marine Tank

Subject: Re: My First Marine Tank
by finnipper on 27/9/2013 23:19:24

I would definitely recommend sticking to the true intertidal species and not those found at the extreme lower shore, that way you will avoid the need of an expensive cooler.
The only other thing is to make sure the predatory species are smaller specimens than their prey species I know it sounds obvious but they are horrendous when it comes to trying to eat each other.
There is a whole range of small gobies, two spot gobies are a must because they swim mid water unlike most others. Blennies, we have a good few species, pipe fish, sand smelt, some of the smaller wrasse, 15 spined stickleback and a whole range of inverts - squat lobsters, porcelain crabs shrimps and prawns, anemones all live in the intertidal zone.