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Re: whats your favourite fish?

Subject: Re: whats your favourite fish?
by suilaire on 30/7/2010 16:50:26

Favourite fish: Plec - any plec, the bigger the better!

Dream fish: Clown loach - even though I've had them in the past, I would love to have a proper massive river system for full grown clowns, at least ten of them.

Reason I haven't got clown loaches yet: I have learnt so much from this forum, and now know how to keep fish in their optimum environment, and will never sacrifice their conditions for my pleasure - so will have to wait til it's my turn to win the lottery to be able to convert a room into an aquarium!

Loving the other ideas too - cor, if I won the lottery I think I'd have a different set up in each room of my new mansion!