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Re: camcorder

Subject: Re: camcorder
by EagleC on 17/7/2010 17:59:25

I don't have a camcorder... as such. I do have an old 8mm tape one that I let the kids play with but it was never really good. What I recently did was buy a new compact camera for our impending holiday, the Panasonic TZ7.
This has less toys than the new TZ8 or the top end TZ10 but actually has better results on stills and records HD video with image stabilization and stereo sound.
I used the video function a lot the other weekend and was very impressed. It really is DVD quality, unfortunately after 78 stills, some with flash and 45 minutes of recording the battery was dead and I'd left the charger at home.

Price: ?199
Good: Small, light, good quality video and audio, relatively cheap, 12x optical zoom, image stabilizer
Bad: 15minute limit per recording, limited recording battery life, 12x optical zoom.

oh and I edited the last lot using Nero Vision.