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Re: Planning a project, will it work?

Subject: Re: Planning a project, will it work?
by Goldnugget on 17/3/2010 15:00:22

Yeah, the plastic veneer/laminate on most chipboard stands will protect the chipboard from exposure to small amounts of water. But in time as the veneer peels or when the board becomes saturated the chipboard can start to deteriorate.

I have the same problem on one of the tank doors on my Juwel Trigon 190l, inevitably it will get splashed with water every week and the weeks and weeks of the same treatment have eventually started to penetrate through to the wood.

Not sure if you can proof MDF, I remember from Tech at school that it's not very good to paint, just sucks up whatever you put on it. That's about where my knowledge on the subject ends... lol