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Re: swine flu..... media hype, or real threat?

Subject: Re: swine flu..... media hype, or real threat?
by longhairedgit on 3/5/2009 0:48:06

Yup, another storm in a teacup, like bird flu. "Its a new pandemic" they all cried. Then people realised its been around in its human history of infection about 400 years , and while had the potential in theory to become a pandemic, never did in all that time. More to the point its significantly less deadly than regular flu we gave to native americans. When the nations immune system goes to work collectively it'll be old news in less than a year.

Personally i'm not going to lie awake at night on getting hit by lightening odds. I wonder if someone is getting backhanders from those manufacturing tamiflu? Thats at least two good national stocking runs for it now. Chickens, us, and us again, thats some money being made there. Call me a conspiracy theorist.lol.