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Re: Which Compact Camera?

Subject: Re: Which Compact Camera?
by longhairedgit on 26/4/2009 23:14:43

Nope, prosumer is an acknowledged technical term, i'm hardly a snob about them, I used one for 6 years, and I loved it. I'd still be loving it if it hadnt taken to eating batteries in an hour flat. It helped take my photography away from snapshots. I learned more with my prosumer powershot than with any other camera except for the current one, the only thing I bitch about when it comes to them is if the lens doesnt live up to the res cos its all a bit pointless. If the lens is good then I love them, very practical cameras, and often faster on the take with quick subjects because theres less preperation to do. Only today at slimbride again I was reminded how the best kit doesnt get you the shot, I was talking to a few guys with 4 grand lenses and 2 grand cameras who'd taken nothing decent all day, were all disappointed, moaning and heading home because they couldnt get the light, or the focus, whatever. Yet I was happily snapping away and so were the prosumer contigent.
Sometimes not overspecialising has distinct advantages. Depends what you want to do with the cameras and where you want your photography to go, but yes there is a heirarchy on technical excellence, A dslr will take you further than a prosumer, but only if your ready for it. My prosumer schooled me to be ready. I can hardly knock that!

The problem I really have is with "style "cameras. All res no lens, and keeping up with the joneses in a league where good photographers dont even go for the potential humiliation and embarrassment reasons.lol. Fine for human snaps, but not much good at anything else, not studio league cos the focal range is too limited, not good landscapes cos of the warping and fringing, usually rough on fleshtones, and the telphoto if there is any is usually digital, therefore a crop, and utterly pointless. On wildlife phtography for all the good they will do you might as well buy a disposable. At least a prosumer is well above that league, most with half decent sensors, some optical zoom and a range of setting beyond pressing 2 buttons or turning a lonesome dial. The macro on prosumers are usually good too, which will open up a new world for people who havent had a chance to get into the macro world before. 20 years ago such good macro on such a small budget was impossible.

People arguing about weight between compact and prosumer groups for example, now THATS weak wrists.lol. Theres only 2 sizes of cameras, those that go in the pocket and those you hang round your neck.If you want one that takes excellent rather than merely adequate or good pics, generally you have to hang it round your neck. If your getting there, then what difference does a pound or a kilo and a half make? Still need a bag, still have to hang it round your neck.

I like prosumer cameras, even now with a dslr im tempted to go for this as a ?200 backup.

http://www.canon.co.uk/For_Home/Produ ... erShot_SX100_IS/index.asp

Thing is though, once you go DSLR you dont tend to go back, its a bit like dial up and broadband.