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Re: P@H Strike again.

Subject: Re: P@H Strike again.
by longhairedgit on 3/5/2009 3:01:43

In effect, what i'm also saying here is that while product prices can be negotiable, thus letting the capitalist wheel turn, I think there should be price fixing on fish. On import, on outlet, in shop. Only standard profit can be made, and that price need not be cheap. Because at the back end it really is the price of fish thats killing them. If all fish species have individually fixed prices by age and species, are you going to take a risk on a sick one or a dying one or one from a dodgy breeder or importer? You'll go where the stock has high quality and that faster than anything else will kill the breeder, the importer and the store that sells crap fish and keeps them badly. Price fix on the bigger fish too, and what you get is less people who are broke taking on fish they cant possibly afford to house.

Change the investment float of the business to livestock, then suddenly the priority becomes keeping them alive and in good nick.Knock -on the stores are more selective about suppliers, , and about staff. If the hobby reduces in scale a little its probably a good thing. Lets be honest here, theres only so many people ever cut out for fishkeeping, and the opnes that arent screw up the market forces for those who are any good, and thats not an elitist viewpoint. Its about wit and study time, and those two things are at the core of every decent animal keeper. I diots and animals never did get along. If high fish prices help people to make rational stock decisions, help to lower overstock, helps take tank prices down on the markup, thats altogether better for fish.

Hate or love the idea , it would be a start. As far as i'm concerned free trade can only exist where humane issues are not a concern. Free trade kills animals, because frankly there is no corporate entity you can trust with humane issues. Money will always win.