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Re: P@H Strike again.

Subject: Re: P@H Strike again.
by longhairedgit on 3/5/2009 0:54:37

Call me a realist, but I think the only change you would notice is an email from a p&h director and i'd be fired in a week.lol. I think anyone who could actually tell the difference between "co-operating" and being a corporates "b***h" might not last too long. Its all co-operation innit? lol

If I wasnt though....

....well, lets be honest there too, there would suddenly just be a different "highly industry co-operative" independant organisation instead of OATA swiftly put in place. I'm afraid the reality here, is the corporates rule, which is why there does need to be actual legislation. Not necessarily the muppety OTT bans and stuff the RSPCA wanted, but something altogether more discerning and well targeted that actually has a positive effect rather than merely restricting fishkeepers rights, but yet keeps the corporates to heel.

I'm sure that sounds overly prosaic, but I do appreciate it wouldnt be easy to do, but the point being, if I was in charge, there would be a team on it, and they'd better be making headway.