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Re: P@home... growl

Subject: Re: P@home... growl
by furiousferret on 25/5/2008 16:48:07

syrians can be housed together untill theyre around 8 - 10 weeks old which is when they start fighting/breeding. although i do wonder what the pet shops do with the hammies over this age...
i bought two from acorn a few months ago. one male, one female. i was wanting to breed them as ive done it before and enjoyed it. they both turned out to be female. stupid me for not checking first...

the pet superstore all seem to be much the same - profit over welfare no matter what they may claim. animal law needs a dire overhaul as does a lot of other laws. animals always seem to come last though. i wonder what would happen if someone tried for prime minister in an election and their election thing was animal welfare law reform? id vote probably.

id love to see acorn shut down or at least stripped of livestock rights. i dont have much experience with p@h but ive been in several acorns and they're all the same. you never see an employee over 12 in there unless its the manager whos never in anyway.
i think that animals for pets should only be available through certificated and regulated breeders. the price and hassle would stop a lot of the 'part time' pet owners who buy their precious little jimmy/gemima/tiger goosbury whatever their umpteenth hamster/guinea/dog/horse/goldfish because they just wont live.

i have a small zoo in my house and until recently was stuck on the bru with not much money. i always managed to provide for my pets and to keep them comfortable. i hate people that are too lazy or stupid to care. that goes as much for fish as small furries and as much for pet stores as pet owners.

i have a headache now and im going for tea

ps i agree - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!