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Re: Live for today

Subject: Re: Live for today
by furiousferret on 21/2/2008 22:08:12

life is very short. last year, my father in law died not altogher unexpectedly from a heart attack. that knocked the family as it was but 5 weeks later some junkie nut case murdered my brother in law (same family as the father in law) all for some stupid arguement. he was only 30 odds. it was the first knife murder of the knife amnisty that year.

ive attended more funerals in the last 2 years than i care to mention and it does make you really sad, but it also helps you to gain some perspective on your life.

i used to think my life was terrible, but life is what you make it and once you get that perspective things seem better. theres bad things going on in my life and family just now, but i wont be letting them drag me down.