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Fantail With Dropsy or Swim bladder Help!

Subject: Fantail With Dropsy or Swim bladder Help!
by WickedFishie on 31/1/2007 1:18:13

My little Orange fantail, Susan, can hardly swim due to My tropicals and Goldfish being in the same tank (50 gal. Old tank sprung a horrid leak :( when I was out of town, and my mom just put them all together with out thinking.) I can't move the tropicals until this summer, due to the one petstore that accepts in this area closed down :(

So the Barbs are nipping at the fishes tail, I have a divider in there now, and there is no sign of finrot (Thank goodness) But today I fed them and noticed Suzy isn't really all that active. Understandable since her back fin is ripped to shreds, but her scales are sticking out, slightly.

She appears to float upside down (Bottom up) and I hope to god its swimbladder, but today her poo was white and stringy. :(

I know if it's dropsy theres not much I can do for her, but any suggestions? I havent tried peas yet, because we don't have any (Shopping for them tomorrow)