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The day from Hell..

Subject: The day from Hell..
by WickedFishie on 1/10/2006 16:31:51

Yesterday I cleaned myt Tank, and I was watching my Goldies and I look up and the Bigger ones yawning at me. I think "Oh s**t" and test it. Yup, the ammonias Super high, and my filters not working properly. *Sigh* So I Run and get some Tablets to drop it, Do twice the normal dose, (It says you can.) and then wait. I had already changed the water, 20%, Didn't want to stress them out too much.

I took the filter out, and Squeezed stuff from the other filter From my 40 gal. Into it. *Sigh* Thankfully, The levels are now fine again. I have to go to the petstore today and see if I can't get the Carbon Insert that goes in it- Because with out it, this filter is crap.

So the fish are fie, and happy, and none of them are dead. The live plants in there are thriving, but after that scare I may be picking up a few more just in case. *nods*