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Re: Swimbladder Answers

Subject: Re: Swimbladder Answers
by longhairedgit on 27/4/2009 6:57:25

Just to let you know, that goldfish emergency site is terrible, and its quotes about the water pressure affecting the goldfish as a reason for swimbladder failure are entirely skewed thinking. Its a bit like saying a runny nose is down to having water in the air, istead of your body purging and being enflamed and going into hyperproduction of mucous in response to a pathogen, its completely insane.

Once the bladder is damaged the fish my show temporary improvement in shallower water, but its not a cure, or even a real help, and the vulnerability to pressure in any event could only ever occur when the organ has already recieved damage way beyond the remit of merely breeder standard.

Moreover it also misleads people away from the real causes, such as bacterial sickness, poor water quality, and organ compression. I consider the information on much of that site actually harmful to fish health. If this ridiculous belief of yours were ever to catch on even more goldfish would live in reduced water volumes actually exaccerbating the problem, causing higher incidences of it in fish that might otherwise never have a symptom, not relieving it.

Venus, is there any chance we could stop linking people to it being that it is utter twaddle, and that you only post to promote your own stupid site? Your really ought to be more responsible than to be spreading this rubbish about.

Goldfish emergency 911 is without a doubt one of the most nicely presented and badly researched sites I have ever seen, thus it is a dangerous thing.

Actually linz many ponds are recommended to be 3 ft deep or so, helps protect the fish from the rigours of colder winters and over heating in summer. Fancy goldfish cant take the thermic shock of ponds , but a normal comet could live in a lake 30 feet deep if it wanted, freely using all available depth as it desires for foraging command. The whole water pressure in the aquarium thing is a complete myth.