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I messed up my tank

Subject: I messed up my tank
by manyfishues on 7/1/2021 16:27:59

I have a black moor goldfish, plec and another different goldfish. We had a 25L tank that was smelly, bad water and it was too small. So we upgraded to a 57L.

We left this tank 2 weeks and added some bacteria to it. It also had plants in during this time. But I don't think it had adequate time to cycle (and my parents were pressuring me into moving them from the old tank because it had been left on the floor next to the new one). Anyways now the other goldfish is attacking the black moor (I think) the black moor has silvery scales that keep appearing and today was the first I have seen it attack.

I usually feed them at 5 each day so I put food in early to see if it was hungry it didnt eat and kept going after the other. I tried to disrupt the fight by gently waving the net near them. It carried on.

The black moor has also since developed a cloudy eye in both eyes. One is more milky white than the other. I tried using melafix. It didn't work after the week. So I did the weekly water change (25%) and stopped adding it hoping the cloudy eye would go away. Anyway I think it might be blind because it never finds the food when I put in and often surfs the gravel afterwards, eating and spitting it til it finds the sinking pellets.

The Nitrites are at about 3ppm according to this 5 in 1 API test and the general hardness is too high. I used one of those pillow to try lower the general hardness but it didn't go down after 7 hours ( I timed exactly how long to take from the packaging).

Finally I never see the plec eat. It never comes out at the time I feed and although I feed it half an algae wafer per day. I'm never certain the plec was the one who ate it and I am concerned it may starve to death.

I know this is a lot but can anyone give me advice and clarification on what to do because I really feel like I'm letting these fish down.