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Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy

Subject: Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy
by oldsplasher on 23/6/2020 19:51:00

Final update. Our old girl was transported to the vet this afternoon, for an ultrasound scan. I am giving the results here in case it may help others in the future who experience something similar with their fish.
Firstly; the big swelling under her tail was gas. The swimbladder had been pushed right down towards her tail-end and had a twist in it, thus trapping gas at one end....and causing the flotation.
The items responsible for pushing the swimbladder out of shape were the kidneys...developing cysts, and gradually beginning to fail in their functions. Her body was apparently starting to slowly collect fluid as a result of the kidneys failing....no pine-coning seen, but the vet suggested it was just starting to show a little. It is likely that within a few weeks, the fish would have been developing all the signs of kidney failure in the form of dropsy.
It was clear that her bodyclock was winding down; we agreed that she should be put to sleep and this was done....she passed away gently and peacefully under sedation and anaesthetic injection.
After twenty years of having Madam alongside me in her tank, at the home-office desk, it's going to be very lonely....but I am glad that she will not suffer any more (especially from potential dropsy) and am grateful to have had her for so many years.
RIP my little soldier....bold and brave to the end.