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Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy

Subject: Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy
by oldsplasher on 16/6/2020 17:51:13

Thanks fc. I have had to move her with a net at present; it's not ideal, but she's big (nine inches without the tailfin); and I have to stand on a chair to reach into the tank to get her out. It would be good to get a 10-litre bucket into the tank, but it has sliding doors at the top and this restricts access somewhat. She'd jump out of anything smaller, for sure.
It's funny you mentioned JustAnswer, I discovered the UK site only a few days ago. A vet there was great, she looked at photos and suggested the fish might have cysts, it was really so helpful that I'd recommend it. (That's not being negative about the forums, by the way! ).The website itself isn't that brilliant in terms of function (I think it lets the experts down) but on the other hand it was worth a punt, under the circumstances.
Thanks for the list, there's no one listed there in my area within easy reach, but I think I may have someone.
I don't think I could do a euthanasia job myself...it kinda grinds on my thoughts ...where there's life there's hope...but yes, I have to grit my teeth and make the next move.