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Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy

Subject: Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy
by oldsplasher on 16/6/2020 13:23:46

I have an update to share; after a fair amount of research and asking questions, it appears my fish may well be a girl, and not the boisterous male I've taken him/her for all these years.
The possibility of ovarian cysts. Her swelling is not reduced in size. It is not rock-hard but "turgid", I think might be a good word. I have started some epsom salts baths but she doesnt like being hauled out of the tank for them.
I will somehow have to get her to a vet, I fear also it may be a one-way trip for her if things have gone too far. (gulp).
Now summoning up courage to make the next move.