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Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy

Subject: Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy
by oldsplasher on 9/6/2020 14:57:06

Hi fcmf
That's great, it is a comfort to me right now to feel I'm on the right lines.
You know, you mentioned Myxazin, darn me I had a bottle of Waterlife Ulcer and Finrot treatment in my cupboard....never even thought about it, because it's for finrot....and there's the word Myxazin on the bottle! I haven't opened it, it was purchased just a few weeks ago to replace my old out-of-date stock.
I won't use it on the fish as yet...he's only just had day 4 of Interpet Swimbladder. Today he has spent quite a while upside down, a bit of food this morning including a piece of pea, but I've just looked and he's trying to pass a large poo. It must be terrible trying to do it upside down. I can't do anything except leave him to it and hope he can get it out. Looks vegetable-like (yesterday's broccoli) but also some darker stuff coming behind.

His tank temperature is being kept around 24 degrees C because I understand it helps with digestion.
Yes he's a real character and it's a misery to see him this way; but also yes he is old and I am prepared for the fact that we may lose him.