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Cycling question

Subject: Cycling question
by Candle321 on 20/10/2019 8:53:15

So a friend has asked for advice on setting up a 25 litre (5gal) tank for his kids. After using my new found knowledge to advise, I'm confident they won't now just fill it with water and plop a goldfish in!

So what I was planning on doing was providing them with the following from our tank:

Sand substrate, enough to lightly cover the base of the 24l
Three small Marimo moss balls
Small piece of bog wood
Ceramic noodles and Seachem Matrix from our filter
Seachem Prime
Seachem Stability

The new tank is TINY compared to our 350 litre. My filter is packed out (ready to increase stocking, that will be on hold now!) with media so I can easily spare enough to fill the tiny HOB filter. Our aqadvisor capacity is such that I'm not concerned about a mini cycle in our tank my removing the above items.

They know the tank needs to be cycled before stocking, if they feed it with fish food how long do folks think it will take?

I do have all my test kits on hand to monitor it for them and can dose pure ammonia if needed. It will be unheated so I wondered if this may slow it some.

Somebody else advised them to use Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Balls? I've seen these at the lfs but thought they were a water clearing conditioner?

This will certainly be a lesson in patience for the kids! As for tank stock, one betta? Snails?