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Re: Very sick fish, please help.

Subject: Re: Very sick fish, please help.
by lukenterror on 18/8/2019 9:03:16

OK Thanks Fishlady I am going to start just making a new one each week then.

Since my last posts not a great deal has changed other than that the previous area terror lost scales from originally had a little reddening around it. We were at our local aquatics centre and asked someone there and he said it was likely bacteria/infection creeping back in - I told him we were using esha2000 he said we should use something stronger but didn't elaborate. We told him about the epsom salt baths and he said we should try marine level tonic salt baths but only for max 3 min (he actually gave us a bag of it for free to help the fish).

Although he seemed very knowledgeable (who doesn't compared to me Lol) I thought I'd best ask about that here before I just go dropping fish in it - could you please let me know your thoughts? Also diet wise I am feeding a mix of solient green, frozen peas and a small amount of sinking pond stick.

I have attached some pics of him in the medical tank they aren't very good as he was moving but hopefully it demonstrates the 'reddening' I was trying too refer to. One pic is just to show the bloat on his one side.