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Re: New tank problem - water has gone murky greenish?

Subject: Re: New tank problem - water has gone murky greenish?
by james15 on 19/6/2017 18:26:33

Is that bogwood I can see there? If so then that's the reason. It leaches tannin into the water which cause that discolouration. It's not harmful, just unsightly. It may clear eventually when there is no tannin left in the bogwood, but there's no telling how long it will take, possibly months. I've heard that boiling the bogwood with remove most of the tannin, but I've never actually tried it myself. Otherwise removing the bogwood altogether would be the solution.
Are you doing a fishless cycle using ammonia? (Fishless cycle doesn't just mean filling the tank and leaving it running for a few days, as many people think. This article explains it).
Do you have any idea what fish you want to get? A tank as small as 30l gives you very few options.