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How Long Should I Wait?

Subject: How Long Should I Wait?
by Miss Dorsal on 4/8/2015 21:11:35

Samantha started to curl on and off since Christmas, after the weekly water change. Normally she's only like it for a couple of days and then straightens back to normal, some water changes haven't affected her at all. Three weeks ago, she curled up on the Tuesday (after I did the water change on the Sunday) and this time she is showing no signs of unbending. I'm not sure how much longer I should wait before putting her to sleep. She has so many health issues, and although she is eating and desperately trying to swim, I can't justify leaving her in her present condition for much longer.

I've tried using salt, which in the past has worked. I added it to the tank and also tried a more intense salt bath. Both have been unsuccessful this time.