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Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues

Subject: Re: Ongoing Swimbladder Issues
by Charlie on 17/7/2015 18:52:32

Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you went through this with yours, its so awful and you feel helpless.

I really like the idea of a dispenser, I hadn't thought of this. mine get fed twice morning and evening so spreading that out making the portions smaller makes a lot of sense if he's got digestion issues. Im going to give this a go.

Ive tried the anti bacterial but didnt seem to work, although I didn't stick with it as im convinced its his digestive system letting him down.from doing that I have aquarium salt which I will try, how often so I add do you think, im guessing weekly on water change day....

When he's right and able to swim normally I swear he looks like puppy dog the way he gracefully begs for food :) I love that fish so I'll try anything that might help him!! :) thanks again!!