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Re: Novice with cloudy water HELP!

Subject: Re: Novice with cloudy water HELP!
by maccy_g on 30/1/2015 9:46:07

In fairness it was probably my post they were getting annoyed about.

I agree, we were all novices once (and I still consider myself to be one) and keeping fish is a constant learning experience but it does irk me when people come onto forums asking for help & advice only to then challenge the facts being given to them and then state they will ignore most of the advice. I have provided help & advice to many others in the past and all of those individuals happily took my advice on board and took the necessary steps to improve the lives of the fish they were looking after, it?s a shame ?Lusky? hasn?t done the same.

I accept my tone may have been quite direct & forthright but I will not apologise for challenging people who do not appear to be taking advice on board, especially from people who are here to help.

Also, making idiotic statements about flushing fish down the toilet will hardly endear yourselves to the fishkeeping fraternity on here.