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Re: Novice with cloudy water HELP!

Subject: Re: Novice with cloudy water HELP!
by maccy_g on 24/1/2015 14:16:43

That's exactly the issue - there ARE thousands of pet shops across the length and breadth of the country providing inaccurate "advice" regarding goldfish well-being. This is an issue as a fancy goldfish keeper that I don't see improving unfortunately, I mean they still give away goldfish as prizes at fairgrounds FFS, you wouldn't see them giving away cichlids but that's because goldfish are still treated as disposable "ten a penny" pets which is a cruel (and not to mention uneducated) attitude towards a living animal.

You have said you are going to treat the fish to the best of your ability, I can assure you that by continuing to keep them in their current state you are not treating the fish to their best of your ability and the fish are suffering.

But hey it's only a goldfish right?