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Re: Introducing New Tank Members

Subject: Re: Introducing New Tank Members
by maccy_g on 9/1/2015 12:23:20

Ah, that's a decent sized Q tank!

Yes the cost goes up considerably from 4" upwards, mainly because there are so few decent, quality fancies of the bigger sizes anymore.

I wouldn't say large quality fancies are "rare" as such but they are very uncommon thus the higher price tag. Plus the fishkeeping world is more marketed towards tropical / marine keepers and unfortunately the "goldfish world" is still associated with cheap, ten a penny poor quality goldfish that are considered "starter fish" and disposable and therefore are treated as disposable by many of their keepers, you only have to go to a local funfair to see the harsh evidence of that.

A colleague of mine who has a marine tank always turned his nose up at me, even going as far as saying I wasn't a proper fishkeeper because I kept goldfish....but then he saw my tank and soon changed his mind!