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Re: Water chemistry advice please

Subject: Re: Water chemistry advice please
by maccy_g on 20/10/2014 14:09:56


The kit you are referring to includes Prime, Stability & Clarity.

I can?t really comment on Stability & Clarity as I?ve never used them and as much as I respect Seachem and their products I tend to be suspicious of products that claim to ?fast track? and seed a biofilter. The only way the biofilter can develop is through a gradual process of introducing ammonia into a tank preferably by fish-less cycling - that could be what this Stability contains, ammonia but as your fish are already producing ammonia for the tank I would be unsure as to its benefits.

Clarity reduces cloudiness in tanks but I don?t know of any other benefits to it?s use.

I would just get a big bottle of Prime rather than get the headstart kit but it?s only my personal opinion ? I am happy to be shot down by anyone else who has a better experience of these other 2 products.