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Re: Water chemistry advice please

Subject: Re: Water chemistry advice please
by maccy_g on 20/10/2014 12:43:06


I welcome any one else on here to disagree with me but I would move the fish + filter (very important you move the filter as well) into the new tank, this will at least dilute the toxins slightly but you should keep up with the water changes as 54l is still way too small a tank.

If cost is an issue, take a look on ebay for tanks, I bought my 200l tank for ?40 and that came with a stand / filter and hood & light! I also picked up my 600l tank with wooden cabinet for ?200!

One thing that will help (and I should have mentioned earlier) is a water conditioner called Seachem Prime, it is water conditioner like any other but it contains chemicals that "bind" ammonia into a non-toxic form that should at least reduce the toxicity on your fish, the beneficial bacteria will still continue to grow over the coming weeks but it should help reduce the toxic nature of your water.

If you search for it on the internet there are plenty of places that sell it, it may seem a bit pricey but it is very concentrated so you don't need a lot, use this at each water change but be careful you don't overdose - I used to use this on my old 200l tank, great stuff and lasts for ages.

Also, when you do your water changes make sure untreated tap water doesn't come into contact with your filter, the chlorine within tapwater kills off beneficial bacteria and you'll keep putting yourself back to square one with each water change so switch off your filter when you do water changes and only turn it back on once treated water is in the tank - does this make sense?