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Re: Little schools of cold water fish

Subject: Re: Little schools of cold water fish
by DaveGodfrey on 9/5/2013 12:15:44

The Weather Loach will also need to go back. These fish get to 10" or so and over an inch across. They shouldn't be kept in anything under 4' long, or in groups of less than 3 (and ideally more).

My advice would be to return all the fish, buy yourself a liquid test kit (the API Freshwater Master Kit, or the utrafin/Tetra equivalent are the ones most people use), a bottle of ammonia and start again with a fishless cycle.

Heaters for a 65L tank are not expensive and will give you a wide range of fish suitable for a tank the size you have. Exactly which fish will thrive will depend on how acidic/alkaline and hard/sot your water is (guppies love the liquid rock you get in London and the South East, whereas tetras like soft acidic water more usually found in Scotland). Hillstream Loaches would make good tankmates for WCMMs (although I'd be looking at putting them in a tank with an external filter just to keep the flow up for them. They shouldn't be put in immature tanks either, as they need a good supply of algae to graze on (a production line of pet rocks is a good idea).

Having said that there are a few species that would be suitable- White Cloud Mountain Minnows are pretty much ubiquitous and absolutely lovely fish. In terms of stocking level a good rule of thumb for small shoaling fish is 1cm of adult fish for every 2 litres of water volume, so a 65L tank would hold about 8-10 WCMMs (they get to 4cm each).